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About BBPress

Celebrating Dogs and Canine Literature

BBPress, ‘celebrating dogs and canine literature’, that says it all, really. With ‘small is beautiful’ as an extra addition, to give the complete picture.

BBPress was founded by Bas Bosch. His life is dictated by dogs and by the desire to work with pen and paper, which has led to a specialised publishing house with a list that distinguishes itself by its depth of knowledge and by its most beautiful appearance. It produces the kinds of dog book which are a rarity in the Netherlands (the country where BBPress is registered) and on the international market with much tougher competition BBPress productions (in English) are equally well received.

Quite a few BBPress publications are made at the request of Dutch breed clubs or even the Dutch Kennel Club. The greatest compliment to wish for in this respect is the assignment to produce the centenary book of a club. BBPress has made these kind of books for the Dutch breed clubs for Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Great Danes, Dachshunds and the Dutch Kennel Club (‘The Dutch Breeds’). Other jubilee books BBPress has made for the Pug Dog Club, the Hovawart Club, the Flatcoated Retrierver Club, the Siberian Husky Club,  the Alaska Malamute Club and the Chow Chow Club.  


BBPress is able to publish these high quality dog books because the people who run the company are insiders on the dog scene.

Bas Bosch was for more than ten years editor-in-chief of ‘De Hondenwereld’ (the oldest and leading dog magazine in the Netherlands) and for the same period he contributed regularly to Dog World (British weekly). His judging appointments have often been combined with seminars he gave, mostly on Molossers and Mini Molossers.