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The Saga of the Dogue de Bordeaux 

More than ten years ago BBPress published an English translation of part I, the most wanted book on the breed. The new Saga is a completely revised edition of the original text, written by Professor Raymond Triquet. In the newest edition there is also a chapter written by Professor Triquet covering the years that passed since his Saga was published in French (1997), ending with the FCI Centenary Show in Paris 2012. There is an English and a French version in separate hardbacks. Both luxurious produced books in large format (A4) contain of 424 pages each, richly illustrated with scores of historical photographs, paintings and drawings. The Saga of the Dogue de Bordeaux is a must have for the true breed enthusiast. It’s the ‘Dogue Bible’.

Raymond Triquet was born in 1926 in Bruay-en-Artois, into one of those miners’ families, renowned for their simple, courageous and honest people. He taught English at the Bruary-en-Artois lyceum/grammar school and subsequently phonetics, grammar and lexicology at the Lille (III) University.

Mr. Standard
His passion for language and dogs appeared in his doctoral thesis ‘Lexique et customes de la cynophilie en Grande-Bretagne’ (‘Lexicon and customs in Great-Britain’s dog fancy’).

He published many articles and his dictionaries became authorities. He is also the author of the ‘Jerusalem’ of the dog breeds (the use of words in dog standards, on which the FCI agreed in its meeting in Jerusalem). He has translated many standards, and has participated in the formulation of so many others, that he became known as ‘Mr Standard’. He has given many lectures, from Washington and Chigaco to Moscow, via Alicante and Toulouse. He has been president of the ‘Société des Amateurs de Dogues de Bordeaux’ (French breed club) for many years. He has also been a long standing member of the zoo-technical committee of the ‘Société Centrale Canine’ (French Kennel Club) and the standards committee of the FCI, and a breed judge. He is also a great amateur of horses. But the title which is probably nearest to his heart is that of ‘woodsman’, as he loves the forest so much.


The Saga of the Dogue of Bordeaux

Language: English and French version

€ 90.- (E)
€ 75,- (F)