Mastiff Images

About the artist and his dogs…

Hans Rosingh’s life is ruled by passion. Everything he undertakes he does with conviction. And in a rather unconventional way, to say the least. His house is hidden behind a forest of trees and undergrowth, situated in the calm north-eastern countryside of the Netherlands. Lazybones Mastiffs live there with Hans Rosingh.

Mastiffs in the plural, dogs and bitches, veterans, adults, youngsters and puppies, all living together, the house and its surroundings being their domain. For the past thirty years, they have provided a living proof of what is generally accepted as being an impossibility: Mastiffs living in a pack.

About the photographs…

From the very first moment that Hans owned a Mastiff, he has taken photographs. Where ever he is, his camera is, no, his cameras are. The result after three decades is thousands of photographs. And an amazing proportion of really outstanding ones. Every Mastiff enthusiast cannot be helped be touched by them, by the really strong emotional message, the almost unreal composition or the breath-taking type of the dog in question. His photographs are of such quality that even someone haunted by nightmares about terrifying big drooling dogs, but having an eye for beauty will say: this is special, this is art. 


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Mastiff Images

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