The World of Mastiffs,
In the New Millennium, 2000 - 2015

The World of Mastiffs in the New Millennium. The first volume of The World of Mastiffs, the annual which covers the worldwide interest in the breed during the years 2000 - 2015, is published in 2017.


  • Conrad – The first of a new era
  • The Fearnought/Helmlake Collection
  • Old School Mastiffs – Inspiring resonance
  • A Tracking Mastiff is a Happy Mastiff
  • Greiner Hall – Worldwide influence
  • Old English Mastiff Club – Cups, Trophies and Coat of Arms
  • Mastiff Champions / Top 10 dogs in 13 countries
  • Adverts from Mastiff breeders


The World of Mastiffs, In the New Millennium

Language: English450 pages

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