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The Newfoundland: Heritage and Art

'The Newfoundland: Heritage and Art' covers - in a luxurious large format (A4, 239 pages) hardback - extensively all the cultural aspects of the intriguing bond between mankind and the Newfoundland, often referred to as the most versatile of all dog breeds.

Best Analysis

'The Newfoundland: Heritage and Art' is anything but an ordinary study of the breed's history but one which makes essential reading in order to understand the evolution of the breed. Studying the illustrations alone gives the best analysis possible of the in-depth understanding of the development of breed type. At the same time the book provides the best possible evidence of the special role the breed has played in the life of people, of whatever class or background.

The most beautiful Newfy book ever!
Essential literature for every serious Newfy fancier and canine art lover and collector.

Collector's quide

The finest of paintings have been dedicated to the Newfoundland. The most famous of them is 'A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society' by Sir Edwin Landseer. The first chapter of the book is dedicated to that icon of the breed. But other art utterances are as valuable, as is shown in the various chapters. Larger than life-size statues, delicate small poems and everything in between in every art form and material, emphasizes that it is not for nothing that the Newfoundland belongs to the dog breeds which attract a high number of collectors. This book is the number one guide for every Newfoundland collector to enrich his passion as no publication has done before.


Book review

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The World of Newfoundland: Heritage and Art

Language: English

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