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The Mysterious Goat
Images and Impressions

The Mysterious Goat, Images and Impressions’ is without doubt the most beautiful and special book on goats so far. In a luxurious large format hardcover, all the cultural aspects of the intriguing bond between the goat and mankind, over a period of more than hundred centuries, is extensively covered, with scores of breathtaking illustrations.

Queen of the field
The goat, so widespread that she still is known as the poor man’s cow, is more multifunctional than any other domesticated animal. See the irrefutable evidence in the cultural history of mankind. At the very same time we are still awed, not to say intrigued, by so many characteristics and qualities of the goat… ‘The Queen of the Field’.
Once in a lifetime
So far plenty of books have been published on the goat, but they are all more or less focused on husbandry and/ or the different breeds. Never before has full attention been given to the overwhelming number of different aspects of the goat, in her special relationship with us. ‘The Mysterious Goat, Images and Impressions’ does exactly that. In a once in a lifetime manner.
Renowned private collection
In a luxurious large (A4) format quality hardcover with about 300 pages and with as many illustrations (in full colour and black and white) all possible expressions of the rich goat culture of every country of importance are given. The majority of the illustrations are high quality copies of original postcards – coming from the internationally renowned private collection of the author Dr. C. Naaktgeboren – which are a wealthy source on their own.
Dit boek is in twee talen verschenen - Engels en Nederlands. De laatste is uitverkocht.

Book review

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The Mysterious Goat
Images and Impressions

Language: Dutch and English version

€ 47,50